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Research lines

The topics addressed by the team in research and projects relate to the generation and improvement of techniques and methodologies that support the decision-making process in management of environmental systems, the territory and its components, seeking to make this a more efficient and sustainable process. For this purpose, it is strongly based on the application of a systemic analysis approach ­ a vision that constitutes a theoretical substrate in continual improvement, with which it is intended to respond to the various problems associated with current economic, social and environmental development.

Specifically, the LAT works at the level of research and project development in the following topics:

  • Gobernance and sustainable management of water resources.

  • Geomatics applied to analysis, ordering and territorial planning, as well as for monitoring environmental systems.

  • Design and construction of Support Systems for Online Decision Making (GIS-Based DSS).

  • Natural Disasters Management, Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation.

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